Beauty 😍 through the Mist 🌫 by Cristen Rogers 📘 ...


Beauty Through the Mist by Cristen Rogers

Beauty is hidden beneath fear

Sometimes great

cracks and stains,

and the most precious

gifts are all wrapped up in pain.

At times you have to


to find your peace,

or risk opening old wounds

to achieve that final relief.

Sometimes you have to

peer through the mist

to see the stars,

or look past people's

actions to see who

they really are.

At times, you have to

close your eyes

to clearly see,

and awaken from sleep

to really appreciate

the dream.

Here's what I got out of Beauty Through the Mist by Cristen Rogers. You are your own direction. How you sail your way through your life. Fear of the unknown is one of the things why we are most likely to step back. It's hard when the people you drop off somewhere and never wanted to pick up again would somehow catch up to you, and you are not sure, and you become defensive because you are just defending yourself from being hurt. And somehow you have no choice but to face them, and you hated that situation the most.

When you know that you've done all the things that you could possibly do, and you feel like you're not valued and so you let them go. What would you do, when there in front of you? There is no way of knowing how things would go. Be nice anyway, it's the right thing to do.People are what they do, not what they say. Be smart. You will learn more when you listen intently. The only person you can be sure of is you. Getting out of your shell is not easy to do. So stay on your course and focus on you, train your mind and feed it with good things. Sometimes it's out of our control but when you can, do your best. Accept your flaws, you are a work in progress, just like everybody else. Self-love and self-respect is the key, so whatever makes you happy.

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