7 Awesome Reads for Your Next Book Club ...


If you are an avid reader like me, you will want to make sure you take note of these awesome reads for your next book club. I have read and loved each of these books at one point in my life, and loved them for different reasons. From classic chick lit to slightly more alternative tastes, these books will ignite your imagination and challenge your mind. Hopefully there will be at least one book in my selection that you haven’t read and that you can rush down and pre-order for your group. Take stock; here are my 7 awesome reads for your next book club.

1. The Single Girl's to-do List by Lindsey Kelk

The Single Girl's to-do List by Lindsey Kelk

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In typically chick-lit style, this book follows the romantic journey of Rachel Summers in her quest to find Mr. Perfect. From a bendy yoga instructor to a previous teenage sweetheart, who will she pick? On route to her destination, Rachel’s witty friends create her a list of personal challenges to complete; and thus ensues her adventures. This book makes my awesome reads list because it is easy and fun to read, but also really gets you thinking about what you want to achieve in your own life. If you are in a bit of rut, romantic or otherwise, this can shake up some of your ideas, and help you to write your own single girl's to-do list.

Empress Orchid by Anchee Min
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