7 Amazing Books for Disordered Eating to Get Your Life Back on Track ...


Three years ago when I embarked on a journey to recover from an eating disorder, I found myself drawn to reading many books for disordered eating. Perhaps for a sense of understanding of a disease that had taken some of the best years of my life from me, or maybe it was to seek help and advice from someone who could understand my suffering. As someone who lived with anorexia, binge eating and orthorexia for almost 12 years, with each different disorder occurring according to whatever was happening in my life at the time that created internal stress, I felt like a complete mess on the inside and out. After reading certain books for disordered eating, I found that not only did I feel hopeful, but I also felt understood. If you’ve ever suffered any form of disordered eating, or know someone who has, I recommend these amazing books for disordered eating, which ultimately led me to a road towards a full recovery and the peaceful life I always hoped for myself.

1. Unbearable Lightness

Unbearable Lightness

This beautiful, poignant biography by Portia De Rossi was the first of many books for disordered eating that I read, yet it was the one book I credit towards giving me the initial courage to recover. Portia’s story is quite honestly amazing, and every word she said regarding her disorder struck a strong, resonated chord with me that I can’t explain. As I read her words, it was as if someone was reading inside my mind about the struggles with anorexia and binge eating I lived with. Most people don’t believe those two disorders can occur together, but one usually occurs because of the other, creating a vicious cycle. Portia's journey and full recovery inspired me so much that I read this book over 5 times during the three years of my recovery process.

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