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Reading is a classic hobby that never seems to go out of style.

Whether you’re a hard cover lover or a Kindle connoisseur, your favorite books are always there to take you away to the world within its pages.

For those of us who like to devour books like dessert, here are 7 amazing websites only real bookworms can appreciate.

1. Thriftbooks

One of the best websites to find used quality books, Thriftbooks has a cache of over 7 million books available for sale with almost as many reasons to buy from them.

Sign up with an account and create a wish list of books that you want to get your hands on, including rare and out of print items (I got my entire collection of the “Boys Over Flowers” manga series on this website!).

When Thriftbooks finds a book you’re looking for, you can opt to be told instantly, or if you’re not in such a hurry, get a weekly notification with other selections they’ve found on your list.

A minimum purchase of $10 gets you free shipping and you’ll earn a 15% off coupon for your next purchase if you notify your friends and they sign up with their own account and make a purchase.

Love birthday goodies?

Thriftbooks offers a 20% off coupon on your birthday!

As if you don’t already have enough reasons to be on this site, the Thriftbooks staff cares for the environment and ships all orders in 100% recycled packaging.

For books that aren’t in high demand, staff will donate or recycle them and thanks to their new “Reading Rewards” program recently launched, readers earn $5 coupons for every $50 spent.

So not only are you saving money off the cover price, but you’re also banking your savings for future purchases!2

2. Paperback Swap

Have a bunch of used books that you know you aren’t going to read again?

Why not free up space on your shelves by using Paperback Swap?

The concept is simple.

Create an account and list your unwanted books.

When someone finds a book they want of yours, simply pay the postage and send it off.

You earn credits for every swap you complete and can use those toward your own book hunt!

When you find one you like, request it and you’re done, postage for the book you want comes already paid.

Found a book but it’s not in stock?

Simply wish list it and get notified by email when it comes in, or skip the confirmation and have it sent directly to you!

Any books you get are yours to keep, or swap them for new books!

It’s that easy.

Sign up is free and the benefits are great for those of us who love to read but lack the shelf space to keep just any book.

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