Lesser Known Books πŸ“š by Famous Authors πŸ–Š for Girls Who Love to Read πŸ€“ ...


Many authors have written a book so powerful that it's become the only one associated with their name.

Or perhaps they're best known for a few novels.

This leaves many other works neglected and virtually unknown.

So it's time to rescue them from their undeserved obscurity!

Here are the lesser-known books by famous authors that you must read …

1. The Last Man (Mary Shelley)

The Last Man (Mary Shelley)

Everyone's heard of Frankenstein, but you probably didn't know that it wasn't her only novel.

The Last Man imagines a global catastrophe that leaves only a few survivors.

Apocalyptic movies that almost wipe out the human race are common enough these days, and there's a whole genre of apocalyptic literature these days.2

But it was far more novel 200 years ago …

The Inheritors (William Golding)
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