Lesser Known Books 📚 by Famous Authors 🖊 for Girls Who Love to Read 🤓 ...


Many authors have written a book so powerful that it's become the only one associated with their name.

Or perhaps they're best known for a few novels.

This leaves many other works neglected and virtually unknown.

So it's time to rescue them from their undeserved obscurity!

Here are the lesser-known books by famous authors that you must read …2

1. The Last Man (Mary Shelley)

The Last Man (Mary Shelley)

Everyone's heard of Frankenstein, but you probably didn't know that it wasn't her only novel.

The Last Man imagines a global catastrophe that leaves only a few survivors.

Apocalyptic movies that almost wipe out the human race are common enough these days, and there's a whole genre of apocalyptic literature these days.

But it was far more novel 200 years ago …

The Inheritors (William Golding)
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