Classic French 🇫🇷 Novels 📖 Definitely Worth the Read 🤓 ...


Do you think that it's about time you got around to reading some classic novels?

Maybe after watching 'Les Miserables' you're curious to read the book it's based on.

Victor Hugo's classic is just one of many French novels that are available translated into English, so if you love classic novels here are some that are worth the read …

1. Jean De Florette

Jean De Florette

Filmed in 1986, this novel by Marcel Pagnol tells the story of a man who inherits a farm.

He moves there and tries to make a go of it, but his efforts are sabotaged by the neighbours who want his land.2

It's a sad story but very moving.

The sequel Manon des Sources was also filmed, and follows Jean's daughter as she seeks revenge … for what?2

You'll have to read the book to find out!2

The Three Musketeers
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