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"Happy Wives Club" is a wonderful book by Fawn Weaver. If you are looking for something to read about marriage that is uplifting and encouraging, this is the book you want. "Happy Wives Club" is a book that studies what it is that makes marriages happy. There is a lot you can learn from reading this book.

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It’s a Fun Read

"Happy Wives Club" is a fun and enlightening read. It isn’t boring or overly clinical as some books are about marriage. Fawn traveled around the world collecting great marriage secrets from happily married couples. This book is written with a light tone and has bits of comedy, too. You will enjoy reading this book.


So Much Valuable Information

There is a lot of valuable information between the covers of this book. Fawn generously shares what she has learned about marriage and the things that make it happy or not. There is a lot that you can learn from reading this book. Even just applying one or two secrets can make a difference in your marriage. You get to reap the benefits of her very detailed research.


It is Cross Cultural

Fawn wrote this book as she interviewed many happily married couples around the whole world. It was amazing to see that what makes marriage work isn’t that different from continent to continent. What makes marriage work is actually the same across the whole world. This is a very comforting bit of news. You know that these secrets are tried and true.


The Author’s Point of View is Personal

Fawn writes this book in first person. I enjoy books like that because you feel like you are sitting down for a chat with the author. You get to know Fawn. You even get to know some things she is going through in her life and marriage. By the time you finish the book, you will feel like Fawn is an old friend.


It is Very Interesting

This book is very interesting. There is no way you can be bored if you have any interest in marriage. There were a lot of little surprising secrets Fawn uncovered. Additionally, Fawn traveled over the whole world to gather this info and had a lot of different experiences along the way. It was fun to get to experience this with her as she traveled. You are kind of exploring right along with her.

Famous Quotes

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Tips Are Easy to Apply

The things that Fawn discovers that are helpful to a marriage are not rocket science. For the most part, they are just everyday common sense things. They are easy to do and apply in your marriage. They are the sort of things that can take your marriage from good to great. It is always good to do things to invest in your marriage.


The Summarized Keys for a Happy Marriage

Fawn does something wonderful at the end of the book. She takes all of her gathered information and presents it to you. She tells you the marriage secrets that kept showing up over and over as she did research. This helps you to know what secrets are the most important and universal. This is very helpful in knowing what matters most.

"Happy Wives Club" is the best book I have read in a very long time. Have you read it? What other books on marriage do you love?

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I bought the book and really could've just read the last 2 pages- cheaper upon chapter of redundancy.

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