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As a major book addict, I'm always looking for sites for finding new books. Don't get wrong, Amazon offers up great suggestions and browsing books stores is great, but sometimes I want something more random. Over the years, I've found quite a few sites for finding new books, but these seven are some of my favorites. Use these and you'll never find yourself without something new to read again.

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What Should I Read Next

Check it out at: whatshouldireadnext.com
As the site name says, the site helps tell you what to read next. While it's not one of the best sites for finding new books, it is one of the easiest which is definitely a plus. All you have to do is enter a title or author to get recommendations. The problem is, the title you enter isn't always in their database. I suggest searching by author instead. It's free to use and doesn't require any registration.



Check it out at: shelfari.com
Shelfari is one of my personal favorites for the community atmosphere. If you really want a broader range of suggestions, check out the community created lists. You can even search for books to view more in the series, by the same author or continue your search by related tags. To get the most from the site, such as adding your own books and lists, you can register for free.


Good Reads

Check it out at: goodreads.com
I was surprised at how well Good Reads is at recommending new books based on my reading history. The site itself is a gold mine for anyone who loves to read. Their database is massive, so odds are, whatever you're currently reading is already on their list. Register for a free account and add books you've already read. Then enjoy getting personalized recommendations.


Library Thing

Check it out at: librarything.com
Have you ever lost hours talking to other book lovers? If so, then Library Thing is the perfect place for you. Not only will you find great book recommendations, but an entire community of people who love to read. Think of as a book social network. You can add up to 200 books to your library for free to get recommendations. For more, it's $10 per year, but the price is well worth it just for the social aspect.



Check it out at: gnooks.com
It doesn't really get any simpler than Gnooks. If all you want is a list of other authors you might like, simple type in an author's name and view the results. The site creates a literature map with your author in the center. The closer another author is, the more similar they are. You can also visit forums and get suggestions based on any three authors you enter. It's quick, simple and free.

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Which Book

Check it out at: openingthebook.com
Which Book offers a unique way to find new books. It lets you search for recommendations based on mood, subject, plot, character and setting. You can choose multiple criteria such as happy, serious, demanding, short and beautiful. If you're truly looking for something new, this is a great place to start. You can even sign up and create your own book lists.


Your Next Read

Check it out at: yournextread.com
I found quite a few interesting recommendations from Your Next Read. I loved that you can search by genre as well as author and title. You can also check out user created lists, create your own lists and create your own recommendations map. You'll need to register for free to use the latter two. It's extremely easy to use and even connects to Good Reads to quickly import your library.

Add some fuel to your book addiction by finding some great new books to read. With these sites, you'll always be able to find something new and interesting. I've used all of these and my bookcases have never looked better. What are some of your favorite ways to find new books to read?

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Wattpad is a REALLY good site

great websites!!


Goodreads will always be my fave.

Great list! I love reading and one of my favorite sites is Book Riot. There are a lot of good articles there :)

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