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You wouldn't believe how easy it really is to find free Kindle books on Amazon. Many authors offer one or two of their books for free to get you hooked. Others have limited time freebies. If you know how and where to look for free Kindle books on Amazon, it's easy to save hundreds every year and still have plenty to read. No matter what genre you like, there's something free available. Why pay when you can get the books for free?

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Kindle Freebie Tag

One of the quickest ways to find free Kindle books on Amazon is by using the Kindle Freebie search tag. Visit this link to see all results for this tag. It's not perfect, but you can further narrow your results by entering more tags. Use a genre, title or author for more specific results. Since you never know when something might be free, using this a few times a week is a good idea.


Find Limited Time Freebies

If you're trying to find limited time offers, the easiest way is to visit the Limited Time search results page. Use the genres to the left of the screen to narrow down the results. While it may not list every single freebie, it does list quite a few. For instance, at the time of writing, there were 168 results. I suggest using this one weekly to check for limited time offers.


Classics for Free

If you're not interested in the latest NY Times Bestsellers, you might want to check out Amazon's huge list of free classics. The Free Kindle Classics list is updated regularly. At the time of writing, there were 570 results. To narrow it down a bit, use the search bar at the top of the page to search for specific books. You'll likely find many of the books you read in school on this list. Of course, reading a classic now and again is a great change of pace.


Jungle Search

Jungle Search works as a Kindle search engine. While it doesn't list free books by default, all you have to do is choose your category and sub-categories on the left and set the Price Range to 0. Press "Click Here to Search Kindle" and you'll get a list of results on Amazon. It's much easier than using Amazon itself. Plus, the layout is a little cleaner so you can quickly filter by category and price. Use any of the other filters on Jungle Search to further narrow the results.



If you want to find both free and discounted Kindle books, eReaderIQ is a wonderful site. You can easily search by price or click the Freebies tab at the top to view recent free books. You can filter by date range, book length and genre. Check results carefully because some discounted books occasionally sneak onto the free list. What I really love is you can create Watch Lists and be notified when books meeting your criteria are free on Amazon. It's great if you forget to manually check or just want to watch specific authors or titles.


Search by Price

One of the easiest Amazon search tricks is to set the price range to zero. Do a search on Amazon or navigate to the Kindle Store on Amazon's site. Select a genre and sub-genre to further narrow results. Now, type 0.00 in the search box to find only titles with a price of $0. Use the filters on the left to continue narrowing the results to find just what you're looking for. It's not the most efficient method, but it does work.


Hundred Zeros

As the name implies, Hundred Zeros is focused on nothing but free Kindle books. The site is beautifully designed and simple to use. The homepage features new and popular freebies, but you can use the search box or category list to search for different titles. View descriptions and simply click "Download from Amazon" to go straight to Amazon and download the title. There are no real bells or whistles, but it does the job.


Free Kindle EBooks

Free Kindle eBooks is a wonderful blog based around Kindle deals on Amazon. At the end of each post are Top 100 links to free books in all the main Amazon book categories. Posts are weekly and give you plenty of freebies to work with. They also have lists of discounted books to help you save even more.


Centsless Books

If you're looking for free bestsellers, look no further than Centsless Books. The site has a Pinterest style feel with covers of all the most popular free bestsellers. The page is updated hourly so you always have the latest results. The layout is a little cumbersome, but it does catch your attention. You can filter the results by category from the links at the top of the screen.

While no one tool will help you find every single free Kindle book on Amazon, these tools will help you find most of them. In just the past year alone, I've easily saved over $100 and found several great new authors just by using these search tips and sites. Once you get used to them, you'll constantly find great new freebies to add to your Kindle. What other sites or tools do you recommend?

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