7 Habits Only BookLovers Understand ...


I have several eccentricities – or so they say – habits only booklovers understand. Why? Because I happen to be one. This is the era of electronic devices, where a Kindle is taking the place of real, printed books. But to booklovers like me, there's nothing more rewarding than the feeling of holding a book, a real book, in our hands. Two years ago, I co-founded a group named Basadours that aims to promote reading through storytelling. I exchanged notes with my fellow members about habits only booklovers understand. Read on and see if you are one of us!

1. Booklovers Smell the Book before Reading It

This one is my personal favorite among the habits only booklovers understand. Smelling pages is the first thing I do when I get hold of a book, whether brand new or second hand. That smell of ink inscribed on paper brings back stories of dragons and kingdoms and witches and fairies that filled my happy childhood. It’s addictive! Every book that passes through the hands of a booklover is sure to get a thorough sniff.

Booklovers Buy Books Even if They Cannot Read Them All
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