7 Berenstain Bears Books for a Child's Book Collection ...


Berenstain Bears books make wonderful additions to any children's book collection. Each of them teach valuable life lessons that are important for children, as well as adults to learn. Both of my children enjoy Berenstain Bears books and remember lots of things they've learned from them. I wanted to share some of their favorites with you.

1. The Berenstain Bears and the Truth

The Berenstain Bears and the Truth

If you’ve been looking for ways to teach your children the importance of being honest, Berenstain Bears books are a wonderful tool. In this book, Brother Bear kicks a soccer ball in the house and Sister Bear blocks it, accidentally breaking Mama Bears Lamp. Instead of telling Mama Bear right away, the cubs decide to try to cover up the accident. This book teaches us that even when we’ve done something wrong, it’s always best to tell the truth.

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist
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