7 Uplifting Quotes from the Harry Potter Series ...


The amount of uplifting quotes from the Harry Potter series will amaze you. One of the reasons that I got sucked into this magical world of wizards and wands is the beautiful way that author J. K. Rowling manages to weave her words; from the intricate plots to in depth character studies, I've always been fascinated with figuring out how each carefully constructed idea exploded into this critically acclaimed franchise. It's clear that the fact that each book incorporates some sort of lesson is no accident. Even if you don't fully agree with that sentiment, these quotes from the Harry Potter series will definitely inspire you in some way and will teach you something!

1. Choices


This line from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is one of my most treasured quotes from the Harry Potter series. The raw conviction in Dumbeldore's voice as he recites this has always stood out to me. This powerful message focuses on the idea that the choices you make in life are a greater reflection of who you are than your capabilities. Being talented at doing something won't mean much if you can't find a way to use that influence for the greater good.

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