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When he died in June 2013, I was incredibly sad as I knew that meant there would be no more Tom Sharpe novels. Sharpe was an English writer who has been making me laugh since I first discovered him more than 2 decades ago. He is by no means a prolific writer but I have read all his 16 books at least 3 times and some, even more. He is a master of comedic fiction. His characters are grotesque caricatures of everything about humans we humans don’t like, specific to the setting he is writing about. With settings n Apartheid South Africa, the English countryside and even America’s Deep South, the Tom Sharpe novels will take you on farcical journeys that will having you laugh out loud - a lot!

1. Porterhouse Blue

Porterhouse Blue

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It is often said the powers that be in England are crafted on the playing fields of Eton and honed in the hallowed halls of academia (Cambridge and Oxford universities have educated so many British Prime Ministers.) Welcome to Porterhouse! Porterhouse is an old school (very old school) Cambridge College. Here the young men are privileged and the servants, well, servile. Run by a board of fusty old fuddy-duddies who care more about the college’s showing in the rowing and eating roast swan at the annual feast than academic achievement, are shaken up when a new Master of College is appointed who is not their liking; no siree not at all! Chaos ensues as the Master tries to make his mark, turn the focus onto academic performance and tighten up the profligate wastage of college resources. And when the chaos includes exploding condoms and a disgruntled Head Porter, you stay gripped to find out who will suffer the Porterhouse Blue – a stroke caused by over-indulgence in good living, which has done for many a former Master of Porterhouse College. Porterhouse Blue is one of the Tom Sharpe novels made into a successful series by the BBC (along with the next).

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