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Christian book authors are plentiful, but that doesn’t mean they all they all get good reviews. However, the best ones are inspiring without being so cheesy that you can’t stand them. I love Christian books, but I prefer the ones with stories I can relate to and aren’t so storybook that you wonder if it’s even possible. If you’re in the same boat and are looking for some great Christian book authors, here are seven you’re going to love.

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C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis No list of Christian book authors would be complete without including C.S. Lewis. He wrote the famous “Chronicles of Narnia” series that you loved as a kid. His books teach morals and Christian choices combined with a story that is captivating to both children and adults. The books are super easy to find at bookstores and libraries so you can enjoy them anytime you like.


Max Lucado

Max Lucado The thing I love about Max Lucado is that he writes inspiring books for kids and adults, each relevant to something that the reader is dealing with. That includes sadness, loss and life’s struggles. The books are inspiring, but the stories are engaging, too so they’re enjoyable to read. You’ll feel better after reading any of the books penned by Max Lucado.


Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury Karen Kingsbury books are great for young adults, but even grown-ups will like them. They are each centered on a specific topic; issues that people in today’s society are facing. That makes them relevant, but the inspiring characters give the reader hope and a positive view of this crazy world. Her books are all over the place so you won’t have any trouble finding and reading them all.


Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker If you love all the latest thrillers and crime novels, you’ll love Ted Dekker’s books. His novels are about Christianity, but the topics are similar to those in best selling books across the globe. For example, his latest book centers around a character who receives a phone call demanding that he confess all his sins or he dies. Clearly, it will hold your interest, but inspire your spirituality as well.


Frank Peretti

Frank Peretti The story line of Frank Peretti’s novels won’t have you in mind of Christianity, but the good thing is that they can inspire you with their underlying spiritual message. I love books that suck me in and give me lots to think about afterward, and Peretti does his best to deliver with each and every one of his breathtaking books.


Robert Whitlow

Robert Whitlow With titles that sound like the latest bestsellers, Robert Whitlow’s books are both inspiring and spellbinding. The books combine current issues with people who must rely on their Christianity to see them through. Each of Whitlow’s novels will keep you turning the pages far past bedtime and you’ll never forget the way they make you feel.


Nancy Rue

Nancy Rue Nancy Rue is one of my most favorite Christian book authors. Her books are truly inspiring without being too sickening. Some are part of a series starring a psychoanalyst that helps women move beyond the mistakes they’ve made. Part religious, part current events, Rue’s books are great reads.

Who’s your favorite Christian book author? Do you get the books at the bookstore or do you prefer the library? I love going to the library and browsing everything it has to offer! Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

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Francine Rivers!!!

your article cover has a young girl reading one of Stephen Frys books. He is an atheist.

It's gud nd helpful list....

paulo coelho

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