9 Things You Can Learn from Calvin & Hobbes ...


The things you can learn from Calvin & Hobbes are so many and so varied that I’m surprised it hasn’t been made part of school syllabi yet! Few things in life provide so much philosophy and fun all in the form of a comic strip. The relationship between Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes is legendary and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love the duo. Personally, I’ve learnt so many things from Calvin and Hobbes, 9 of which I’ve shared here.

1. Go Exploring

If you’ve ever read Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, you’ll notice how much time Calvin and Hobbes spend outdoors – running about the woods, tumbling around in the snow and even just sprawling under a tree. The one thing that you learn most from Calvin & Hobbes is that you should go exploring. Go out and discover new things everyday. Sit under a tree and look at how many shades of green there are or wonder at the shapes of stones and pebbles under your feet. There is always something to learn when you explore. So put on your walking shoes and go explore!

Building Character is Boring
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