7 Series to Speed Read This Holiday Break ...


If you're a book worm, I'm sure you're always looking for a great book series to read quickly before school starts back up again and "mandatory reading lists" take the place of fun reading! Take the time over winter break to enjoy these amazing book series. You can speed read them in a jiffy, just to get your bibliophile fix for the season!

1. Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy is an exciting teen book series to read over winter break! You wonโ€™t be able to put it down, because the story flies from page to page! The series is pretty lengthy, six novels, but they are easy enough to speed read. In Richelle Meadโ€™s Vampire Academy, youโ€™ll be thrown into the dark and mysterious world of vampires, specifically their high school in Montana. Join Rose and Lissa in their battle against dark forces, their struggle with high school drama, and their interesting love lives!

Blue Bloods
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