7 Heartfelt Quotes from John Green's Books ...


The heartfelt quotes from John Green's books are one of the greatest aspects of reading the work of this phenomenal author. In addition to his ability to create material that resonates with his diverse audience, John Green has a way with words; from the interwoven plots to the three-dimensional characters, there's something about his books that makes them incredibly addicting. If you're not convinced, these brilliant quotes from John Green's books may change your mind.

1. Stars


The first time I read this line, I was immediately overwhelmed by how hard it hit me, making this one of the most striking quotes from John Green's books. It's crazy to think about just how much weight your thoughts hold, especially in conjunction with the whole universe. There are so many strands that are linked in some shape or form that it would almost be impossible to fully analyze your own ideas, feelings, or emotions. This book is one of those that is absolutely amazing and a must-read.

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