7 Awesome Mystery Book Series with Recurring Characters ...


There is nothing more relaxing than reading, and I especially enjoy mystery book series with recurring characters. I think you grow to appreciate the characters and their jobs, their personal issues and quirks. Alex Cross has such a love of his family. Lucas Davenport sounds super sexy with his scarred face. And while not necessarily a mystery series, there is intrigue with Louis and Lestat. Take a look at my own personal list of favorite mystery book series (in no particular order) with recurring characters. Share your favorites, too!

1. Patricia Cornwell and Kay Scarpetta

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Who doesn’t like Kay Scarpetta, the medical examiner/lawyer and everything else because she’s so smart? She’s independent, successful, cares deeply for her friends and family, and she can solve a mystery! Here are the Scarpetta novels in order of publication. Enjoy reading this mystery book series!

James Patterson and Alex Cross
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