7 Lovely Books about Love ...

Who doesnโ€™t love to read books about love?

Whether theyโ€™re about being in love, being in โ€œfriend-love,โ€ or even simply the one that got away, everyone loves to read books about love.

I personally love to read books about love, but I also think that these books in particular are great to keep on your coffee table.

Most are easy to flip through, and they get conversations started when you have friends over.

Whether you love to read about love, or are simply looking for some interesting books to add to your coffee table collection, there are more than a few books that should make their way into your Amazon shopping cart on this list.

1. Other Peopleโ€™s Love Letters

Other Peopleโ€™s Love Letters

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I came across this book after spending too much time on Amazon one night and bought it instantly.

It seems like an invasive premise, but upon reading the book you canโ€™t help but feel your heart ache and soar for these people you donโ€™t even know.

If you love books about love, you must read this.

Love Letters of Great Men