7 Books to Read when You've Been Burned by Love ...

There are tons of great books to read when you've been dumped and need a distraction. While there are various self-help type books that are definitely beneficial, I always like to laugh when I'm in an emotional state. At first, I don't precisely want to deal with anything, do you know what I mean? I like memoirs and other non-fiction books because I want to read about real #people who've gone through their own problems, to share in their hilarious breakup stories. So while these are fantastic books to read when you've been dumped, they might not be what you expected.

1. Nice Guys, Freaks & Creeps: a Dating Memoir by Jennifer Knightstep

Oh, I went there! This is one of the most fabulous books to #read when you've been dumped, from our very own stellar EIC (and my personal BFFL), Jennifer Knightstep! When you need a laugh, #look no further – and when you're done, you'll be so glad you haven't dealt with the boys Jennifer's dated. Did your #ex wake up to the sound of his own voice? Did he treat his dog better than you? Yeah. Those #things really happened – and Jen overcame all of them!