Motivating Ways to Encourage a Young Writer📓 to Succeed✍⌨ ...


If you’re a parent or a tutor with a budding storyteller in your family/class, you might like some ways to encourage a young writer. No matter what technological advances are made, writing is still an enviable skill to have. From entertaining us with books to words that fill websites and apps that make a difference to our lives, writing is an art that isn’t going anywhere soon. Do try these ways to encourage a young writer.

1. Talk about Writing


Perhaps the most important point on this list of ways to encourage a young writer is to talk to kids about writing. Kids need to be inspired and reminded that talking about writing and words is an important part of life. By talking about writing and language, children learn that they don’t need to be scared of the writing process and instead can have a great deal of fun. We all know what it’s like to meet a great teacher in school who is passionate about their subject, and that the passion rubs off on you: use this same approach when trying to encourage children to write themselves.

Write Letters
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