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7 Ways Reading Helps Reduce Stress ...

By Alicia

There are many ways reading helps reduce stress. Being an avid reader, I have observed numerous ways reading helps reduce stress. You may have noticed these as well. If you are dealing with some stressful situations in your life, you may want to give reading a try. It can greatly help reduce stress.

1 It’s a Calming Activity

One of the ways reading helps reduce stress is by calming you. Reading is a calming activity. It isn’t an activity that hypes you up. Of course part of this depends on what kind of book you are reading but for the most part, reading is calming. If you find yourself feeling stressed, try sitting down with a good book for a while and see if you feel calmer afterward.

2 It Takes Your Mind off of Things

Reading takes your mind off of things. Whatever is stressing you will often leave your mind as you concentrate on what you are reading. It gives you something else to think about. This is a good thing. While you sometimes need to brainstorm for solutions to your problems, there are also times when you need to get your mind off of things.

3 It Provides an Escape

Reading is an escape. You can go anywhere you want to in the whole world by reading. You can travel to the past or into the future by reading. Reading provides a way to escape your stressful situation for a while. After a long stressful day, an hour with a good book can give you the relaxation you need. You can leave all of your troubles behind when you get into a good book.

4 You Can Read about Reducing Stress

Not only does the activity of reading reduce stress but you can read books that give you some guidance on the subject. There are many wonderful self-help books that you can choose from to help you with situations you may be dealing with. There are books on stress relief in general and more individualized topics. They can be very helpful. A trip to your local bookstore can provide you with many wonderful resources.

5 It Puts Things in Perspective

Depending on what you are reading, it can remind you there are bigger problems in life than what you may be facing. Your typical run of the mill bad day may not seem so bad after you read about someone dealing with a tragic situation. It can be good to be reminded of how good things are going for us. Reading can do this for you. It can help you to step back from your problems and reexamine them later to discover they weren’t as bad as you first believed.

6 It is a Quiet Activity

Reading is a quiet activity. It isn’t one that gets your adrenaline pumping. Because it is a quiet, restful activity, it gives your body a chance to rest. Your heart rate and blood pressure will likely lower as you sit and read. These can be good things, especially after dealing with a stressful situation. There is something to be said for a quiet activity in the midst of stress.

7 It Gives You Something else to Think about Afterward

If you get into a really good book you may be tempted to do nothing but read until you finish it. Those kinds of books are the best. When you find one like that, you will discover that you think about it even when you aren’t reading it. This is good because it gives your mind something else to think about besides the stressful situation you are encountering. It provides you with a way to shift your thoughts.

Reading is a great way to reduce stress. What activities do you turn to when you need to reduce stress? Share your helpful hints with others!

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