8 Sure Signs You're a Bibliophile ...

When it comes to the signs you're a bibliophile, it doesn't matter if you self identity as a book lover or as someone who just loves a good read from time to time. You don't have to be the proud owner of a seriously impressive library to appreciate literature and just how beautiful reading it can be. With so many wonderful stories at your fingertips, how could you not fall in love with the written word? These surefire signs you're a bibliophile will show just how much your love of reading has slipped into everyday life (and why books are the best things since sliced bread)!

1. You Have a Writing/Literary Related Degree

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From the start, there was no question in your mind that you would spend the rest of your life surrounded by words and imaginary worlds, making this one of the top signs you're a bibliophile. Ever since you were a kid, you've always known you'd be an English / journalism / creative writing major because it'd give you the perfect chance to be nose deep in a book without needing a reason; having a background in philosophy and psychology would also help you dive right into a book's complex plot. But make no mistake - that definitely doesn't mean you need a degree to validate your love of words.

2. You Have a Special Spot for Bookstores

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My love of antique bookstores cannot be tamed. There's something about sitting in a cozy couch at the local shop and curling up with a good read that makes me ache for the days when more niche bookstores existed. Nothing can compare to inheriting a book that has been well loved and taken care of by the reader before you.

3. You Cringe at Movie Adaptations

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When it comes to films based on my favorite stories, I always try to keep an open mind and give them the benefit of the doubt before watching them. But whether you are a literary connoisseur or not, you have to admit that seeing your favorite book get ripped apart just for what is essentially a "loose translation" can be really frustrating. I'm sorry but a movie that pretty much just borrows the names of the characters (with little else to back it up) definitely shouldn't count!

4. You Don't Mind Spending Hours Reading

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If you've ever gotten your hands on a story that you just can't put down, then you know what it feels like to get lost in another world for hours without coming up for air. I'm just going to come out and say that reading should just be declared a sport, already.

5. You're Obsessed with Comic Books

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Comic books definitely deserve some love, too! From Persepolis to Watchmen, graphic novels are just as plot driven and exciting as their literary counterparts.

6. You Love Making New Book Buddies

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I just love spending my time reading and people watching just to see what types of books other people are interested in. This is a great way to meet new people. Who knows? You just may bump into a pretty charming guy (or girl) who has the same weakness for Mary Shelley and John Milton.

7. You'd Totally Live in the Library if You Could

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I will never get tired of going to the library to check out new books and subsequently head out on new adventures. What could be better than being able to bring home a new collection.

8. You Think Belle is the Coolest Princess Ever

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I'm not ashamed to admit that one of the reasons why I love Beauty and the Beast is because of Belle's glorious library and book collection. Seeing her eyes light up at the sight of them totally resonated with me. If you give me a good book to read and charming company, I'll be yours forever.

To all my fellow book lovers, I have one message for you: Don't ever stop reading! Never lose your sense of wonder for fictional worlds that seem so real. Rock your status as a bona fide bibliophile with pride. What are some other ways to show your love for the written word?

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