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7 Smart Reasons Why You Should Read More ...

By Alison

There are lots of really smart reasons why you should read more. It never fails to amaze me when I hear people say proudly that they never read a book. What is there to be proud of in that statement? Books offer us knowledge and entertainment. Without books, we would not know a fraction of what we do. Here are some excellent reasons why you should read more …

1 Relaxing

One of the top reasons why you should read more is that it's so relaxing. Who doesn't love curling up with a book? If you're tired or sick, reading demands very little effort and is a great way of entertaining yourself when you haven't got the energy to do anything else. Reading is also a fantastic way to unwind after a busy day at work, and relaxing during your journey home from work (as long as you're not driving!).

2 Educational

Reading is one of the best ways of learning. It can be much better than the Internet, as anyone can post information on the net without backing up their claims. Books have to be checked and substantiated (beware of ebooks). There are so many different subjects to discover and increase your knowledge about. Browse the shelves of your local library and see what you find - you're sure to discover something new.

3 Variety

Reading gives you access to every possible subject you could think of. If you want to learn about beekeeping, ancient cultures, or how to crochet, there are a plethora of books on the topic. You can learn about every possible aspect of history, or improve your language skills. There are no limits with books - you can learn anything you want from them.

4 Exercises the Brain

Reading is great exercise for the brain. Even a lightweight genre such as chick lit may provoke some questions and lead you to consider a more serious topic. Then there are many more educational subjects that will give your brain a great workout. Reading is never a wasted opportunity.

5 New Experiences

Another advantage of reading is that it introduces you to new experiences. You may find that books open up your world and lead you to consider paths that you might otherwise never have followed. For example, reading a book set in another country may motivate you to spend a year travelling, or learn the language of that country.

6 Escape

Many of us have used books as a way of escaping when we're unhappy or stressed. Reading gives kids an opportunity to escape into another world if they are being bullied or sad about something that has happened. Adults, too, can lose themselves for a while in a book, and forget about their responsibilities and worries for a time.

7 Books Matter

I find it very sad to hear people say that they never read or that they don't have any books in the house. Books are an important part of our heritage and culture. Without them, we would know so much less. Reading gives us so much and enriches our lives immeasurably, so give books the status they deserve and teach your kids to love reading as well.

I consider books to be really important, and have loved reading since I was very small. Books have accompanied me on journeys, taught me so much, made me laugh, and consoled me during difficult times. And there are so many more to read that I would need several lifetimes to get through them! What is your favorite book, and why do you love it?

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