7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills ...


Everyone (including me) goes on and on about exercising the body, but if you're interested in writing, there is another muscle you should be exercising and as a keen writer, I would like to share some simple tips on how to improve your creative writing skills with some simple 'exercises'. I know it sounds cheesy, but I like to see creative writing as something similar to physical exercise, with hard work, determination and a certain amount of discipline involved. So get ready to 'flex' and 'stretch' with these creative writing exercises, to help you improve your creative writing skills.

1. The App Crunch

Just like there are apps out there to help you exercise your body, there are some great apps to help you exercise your creative writing muscle. Write a Book Free for example, is an app which gives you creative writing prompts through a randomised selection of characters, situations, locations and a random object appsto.re. It's great fun. Another great app for flexing your creative writing muscles is the Flash Fiction Prompter which gives you instant story combinations, which then form the basic ingredients for your story appsto.re. This can be a great way to improve your creative writing skills. So go ahead and flex those apps!

20 Minute Workout
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