7 Reasons to Start a Book Club with Your Friends ...


7 Reasons to Start a Book Club with Your Friends ...
7 Reasons to Start a Book Club with Your Friends ...

Reasons to start a book club coming right up, ladies, and if reading happens to be one of your greatest passions, you’ll certainly agree that book clubs shouldn’t be something that happens to other people only. Starting a book club of your own is actually quite simple, really fun and has tons of both obvious and less known benefits. But let’s take it from the top, shall we? Here are a few reasons to start a book club you won’t be able to resist:

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To Read More

Isn’t this one of the best reasons to start a book club? Just think of all those great books you keep avoiding on some silly pretext! Now, I know you don’t really have all the time on Earth to spend reading, but you sure can steal a few minutes here and there and, more importantly, I know you want to. That’s where the book club comes in! You set a date, choose a title and voila – there’s your excuse to ignore TV and Facebook and grab a book instead.


To Discover New Books

The thing to love the most about book clubs is that you don’t always get to choose the title. Which means you won’t spend days going through a pile of chick lit, epic fantasy, sci-fi or whatever it is that you consider your favorite genre but actually step out of your comfort zone and discover tons of wonderful books you normally wouldn’t have chosen to read.


To Socialize More Often

A book club is a nice solid plan – not one of those “we should meet sometime” or “I’ll call you this week, we should grab some coffee” arrangements you don’t know what to make of. What’s more important, it’s not one of those ad hoc meetings you or any of your friends won’t be able to attend. You set a date that works for everyone, decide on a book to read and this pretty much makes it a date no good friend can forget, overbook or whatnot.


To Keep Things Interesting

Conversations, like relationships, tend to fall into a rut at some point and there’s nothing like a fresh topic to help shake things up a bit! You know how, sometimes, a great new topic comes up, you end up discussing it for hours and feel great for days because you had a fantastic conversation the other day? Well, when you start meeting up to discuss books, there will always be a great new topic on the menu!


To Improve Your Literacy

Well, hello Captain Obvious! Reading more is one of the easiest ways to improve your grasp of a certain language and the most fool-proof way to make sure you read more is to turn it into a habit. Hello, book club – renew your library membership, grab a seat and let’s get this show on the road!


To Relax

Books are a great way to relax, put that growing list of concerns aside for an hour or two and take a plunge into a different world in which you can be a princess, a rich heiress, a detective, even a warrior or a bandit! How cool is that?


To Share Interests

Any lone riders out there? If yes, you’ll understand how it feels to be the only one interested in a certain genre and not having anyone to share your excitement with. And, what do you know, this alone could prove enough of a reason to start a book club. You’ll get to share, your friends will get to share and you all get to get to know each other better and maybe even form a very special bond over a certain genre. Not a bad future, I’d say.

Have you ever tried starting a book club and how did that go? Could this be a promising idea for your New Year’s resolution, perhaps?

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Great innovative way to invoke others to get back to reading!! Great post!!

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