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Reasons to read Rick Riordan, author of the world famous Percy Jackson novels, are so numerous I’m afraid I won’t be able to remember them all. After all, each fan has his or her own list of pros when it comes to their favorite authors. Now, before I start listing reasons to read Rick Riordan, let me point out that most of Rick Riordan’s novels target the younger population and, as such, will probably be loved by all of you Harry Potter fans out there, regardless of the age. Interested? Well, here’s what I loved about Rick Riordan’s work!

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Great Writing Style

First on my list of reasons to read Rick Riordan might sound a bit whacky but will definitely get a nod of approval from all of you picky readers. I mean, how many times have you found yourself putting away a promising read simply because the way it’s been written doesn’t work for you? Well, you’ll get none of that with Rick Riordan’s novels! They’ll suck you in and get you laughing in no time, even if you’re not a huge fan of first person narrative.


Sure, his prose might seem tailored for a younger audience, but Riordan masterfully crosses age barriers with his clever wit and punchy dialogue. The Lightning Thief starts as a simple quest, but even sophisticated readers will appreciate the snappy pacing and dank humor that’s sprinkled liberally throughout the narrative. With cultural references that pop and mythological twists that enchant, Riordan’s language is an invitation to all—whether you’re fourteen or forty—to dive headlong into a whirlwind of gods, monsters, and modern-day heroes.


Lots of Historical Facts

Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology have never been this much fun! Go ahead, knock yourself out, there is plenty of great stuff to pick up while reading the Camp Half-Blood Series and The Kane Chronicles! You’ll master the deities in no time, which is more than History lessons ever did for me. And who knows… they might even inspire you to dig a little bit deeper and discover you actually love ancient mythology. Mr. Riordan used to teach English and History before he decided to become a full-time writer and, I must admit, it really shows!


Great for Younger Audience

Most (if not all) of Rick Riordan’s work is completely clean, safe to read (let’s put it that way, shall we?) and therefore an ideal thing to recommend or even purchase as a gift. I think it’s even safer than Harry Potter, because magic in Riordan’s books is more of a historic-folklore-mythological thing and, as such, is a much better alternative to that modern Harry Potter stuff some parents consider bad. It’s also a great thing to recommend to your younger siblings or cousins who, although still way too young and innocent for some grittier fantasy novels, have all the qualities of a prospective fantasy fan.


Lots to Look Forward to

And now, for the fun part! You see, one of the series I’ve mentioned above is still unfinished, which means there are plenty of what ifs to fuel your addiction even after you’ve gone through all of the books. But wait, isn’t that the bad news? Nope, not really, because the next book is just months away from being published! And that’s not all – some fans seem to take hints very seriously and believe the way the other series ended leaves plenty of room for more adventures!


Happy Endings

Every novel in the series I’ve read so far ends happily, or, at least victoriously; no one is crippled or killed and there are a lot of great friendships being forged as the story progresses. Now, call me crazy, paranoid, terminally damaged by too many rereads of A Song of Ice and Fire… but I love it! It’s soothing! Really, really soothing! It’s a sort of a story you’ll want to kick back and relax with after going overboard with grisly stuff.


Lots of Other Works

It doesn’t matter which series you hear about first – once you become a fan of Rick Riordan’s novels, you’re definitely going to want to read them all! And this amazing writer really has a lot to give! We’ve got The Percy Jackson series, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Clues Series, Tres Navarre and a whole new Norse mythology-based world that’s going to start unfolding around 2015! How cool is that?


Funny, Conversational Style Writing

I haven’t read all of the novels, mind you, but the ones I have read all have at least one thing in common – you’ll laugh, you’ll laugh a lot and, often, aloud! Readers get their fair share of witty comebacks, hilarious bickering and whatnot, falling in love with the story as well as the characters a bit more every time a page is flipped.

Start Googling, ladies! I promise you, you are going to love Rick Riordan's work. And for all of you who have read a book (or series) or few, tell me... any favorites?

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I tried to read the Percy Jackson books after watching the movie but I couldn't get into them. I think it's because Percy was younger in the books, and I couldn't not imagine him as Logan Lerman so things got a little uncomfortable if you catch my drift

I've read the books lightning thief to last Olympian at least seven times, no exaggeration.

Sounds like worthwhile reading.

Oh my word, I've read 3 different series of his and they are all amazing. I can never put them down. Plus, they are filled with accurate facts and myths so you are learning about history while enjoying his books. Strongly recommend!

Mark of Athena does not end happily let me tell you, I was crying so hard! :(

I never liked his writing. I read a few of his books and couldn't stand it any longer. :/

I don't think she's read the Mark of Athena yet if she thinks they all have happy endings!

I love his books, I learned so much about mythology which helped me out in some classes and they are just hilarious!

It actually helped me a lot when we studied Greek and roman mythology in school, I even wrote a paper on it. I got an A !

I absolutely love Rick's work! Because of him, I started to love reading and history. Now I'm an avid reader and someday I hope to study history in university.

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