7 Powerful and Poetic Songs 🎢🎼 That Explain Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize πŸ† for Literature πŸ–‹πŸ“– ...


By now, I'm sure most of you know that Bob Dylan, aka Robert Zimmerman, aka America's Troubadour, won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The decision is a divisive one, with some people adamant that songwriters have no πŸ™… business winning πŸ† any prizes for literature πŸ“–. They insist that lyrics are not poetry. As a writer πŸ–‹ and sometimes-poet myself, I completely disagree with that, and that's how the other side of the divide feels – that lyrics are poetry, or can be, and that Bob Dylan's certainly are. Bob Dylan's writing ‼️ gets to the heart πŸ’™ of things. His words are bloody, sometimes, and sometimes they are angry, or bitter, or broken – but they are never dull and they are always beautiful. NPR called him a literary alchemist, which is a wonderfully apt and rather brilliant turn of phrase. There are dozens upon dozens of songs in the Dylan catalog that explain why he deserves his status as a Nobel laureate. To list them all would take more time πŸ•ž and a larger word count than I have. Here are the songs that make me love Bob Dylan, the poet. Give them a listen, and if another song speaks to you, please πŸ™ share it.

1. Make You Feel My Love

This is actually not even a particularly fine example of Bob Dylan's talent, either as a songwriter or a poet. Oh, it's a lovely 🌸 song, and it's one of my favorites, but it's really rather plain. So why am I sharing it first? Because it occurs to me that there may be a lot of younger readers who aren't familiar with Bob Dylan. Many of his songs get covered by artists in every genre, though – Garth Brooks and Billy Joel both covered this ditty when it came out – but Adele recently did a heartbreakingly beautiful rendition of β€œMake You Feel My Love.” Heard πŸ‘‚ it? You can thank Dylan for that!

Visions of Johanna
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