8 Must-Read Books for a Career in the Beauty Industry ...


Are you dreaming about a career in the beauty industry? You could be fantasizing about having your own make-up collection on the shelves, dream of doing celebrities make-up, or love the idea of becoming a product developer, where you create Maybelline’s next best lipstick, or Chanel’s new foundation. You could even work in PR or marketing, designing advertising campaigns that get everyone talking, or work locally transforming brides or prom queens for their big day. Whatever role you’d like, get ahead of the rest by reading these books that are essential for a career in the beauty industry.

1. Hair: Fashion and Fantasy

Hair: Fashion and Fantasy

To maximize success in a career in the beauty industry, you should take an interest in both hair and beauty. This book is a great starting point for hair, even if it’s not your passion. There are hundreds of great images that are sure to interest and inspire, and a history of hair that is full of fascinating facts. The book is structured by style, from high-fashion windblown shoots to everyday braids, so it’s easy to pick up and read, too. Even if you’re not totally sure whether you’re interested in hair, this book will hold your attention and tell you everything that you need to know.

Making Faces
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