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I have just finished an inspirational read, β€œThe Happiness of Pursuit,” packed with life lessons from Chris Guillebeau. This New York Times best selling author has filled the book with great advice, interesting life stories and a punch of ambition. The general theme is about ordinary people taking on individual challenges that test their beliefs and inner strength, all to pursue a dream. From overland journeys to vows of silence, this book channels the human desire to test ourselves to achieve and find meaning in life. If, like me, you are the sort of person that has a list of life goals and you are looking for your next quest, you will love reading these life lessons from Chris Guillebeau.

1. The Power of the Individual

One thing I love about this book is the emphasis on listening to your own heart and not being afraid of going alone. We should be proud to be unique and different and rather than following the crowd, true happiness comes from just being yourself. Sometimes people can disapprove of the choices you make in life, but as long as you are being true to your own desires, it is okay to be different. So my favourite of the lessons from Chris Guillebeau is to be proud to be yourself.

Be Bold
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