7 Important Basics That Every Writer Should Know ...


Whether you like to write as a hobby or are forced to do so in school, there are basics that every writer should know. Some claim that writing is a natural talent, but there’s always room for improvement. Even if you think you’re the worst writer ever, you can enhance your skills until you’re proud of your work. The next time you pick up a pen or tap on your keyboard, remember these basics that every writer should know.

1. Proper Punctuation

If you don’t know the correct way to punctuate your sentences, your stories will be difficult to follow. You need to use correct punctuation so that your readers know when to pause and don’t get confused by your sentences. Punctuation is especially important when it comes to inserting dialogue into your work. If Sally says, “I love my new dress,” make sure that the comma comes before the first set of quotation marks. If you’re having trouble, check out grammarbook.com. One of the basics that every writer should know is how to handle basic punctuation.

Annoying Adverbs
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