How to Ace a Library Study Binge for Students Who Want Top Grades ...


It’s a rare student that can get through a semester without responding to the call for a library study binge. Whether it’s sweating for mid-terms or trying to juggle a massive workload, you can very well find yourself in the library for 12+ hours at a time. Know the pain of having to call the library your second home? Make it easier on yourself girl. Here’s how:

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Bring the Right Amount of Anxiety, Not Too Much!🙁

You need to enter the library with a clear understanding that this is the final countdown for your exam or essay deadline, but equally you don’t want to leave it so late that instead of working hard you just proceed to log in to Facebook and write about how stressed you are and how you never going to be finished in time. It’s a fine balance!


Write a Clear to-do List📑

The vastness of a library can be overwhelming when you get there, so the best thing to do is write out a to-do list beforehand that gives you a clear plan of how the day is going to go. The more defined your plan is, the more motivated you are going to feel when you are able to tick things off one by one.


Pack Some Healthy Snacks🍌

If you are going for a marathon study session, then you need to be prepared with lots of healthy snacks that will give you the energy to keep going. You don’t want anything that is going to stimulate you too much and give you a crazy sugar rush, because after that will be the sugar crash and a sugar crash is the worst enemy of the marathon study session!


Choose Tea over Coffee for Stimulation☕️

If you are planning to stay in the library for a huge binge, then lots of cups of coffee are not going to be kind to your body. Instead, you can get a smaller caffeine release by opting for cups of tea, a warm soothing beverage that will help you to keep going even when you are ready to give up.


Wear Your Most Comfortable Clothes👖

You’re going to the library, not the club so your only concern should be to make yourself as comfortable as possible so you can settle in for the long haul without having to readjust yourself every 20 minutes or so. A big sweater and jeans are perfect for an all-day, all-night study session.


Take Some Hand Cream and Lip Balm👏

Severe concentration and studying in a dark stuffy library will result in your hands and lips becoming super dry, so combat this by packing some lip balm and hand cream to freshen up whenever you need to. The better and healthier you feel, the more motivated you will be to work. Pop some face-friendly wet wipes in your bag too.


Come Equipped with All Your Notes📔

There is no point in going all the way to the library for a huge study session if you don’t go with all of your course materials. Pack up every shred of information that you have on your class and take it along; you never know what might come in handy.


Take All of the Best Stationery🖊

Don’t forget anything: things like post it notes, highlighters, flashcards, pens and pencils, notebooks, everything you could possibly need to stand yourself in the best stead for getting the best marks possible.


Wear Your Best Attitude!😇

You will never have a successful study session if you don’t go in to it with the right kind of mentality. You need to be as positive and optimistic as possible, and not let the enormity of your impending exams and essays scare you and make you mentally check out.

These tips won’t make study binge sessions at the library fun but they will be easier and more effective.

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