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7 Hints on How to Get Published ...

By Neecey

It is said that there is a book in everyone and if you have completed your novel, or if you’ve a desire to see your short stories, comic book or poetry in print, I’ve got some hints on how to get published. You may be surprised that getting published doesn’t always mean getting an agent or hawking your prized writing around publishing house after publishing house. Of course, those things work, but the internet has provided us some new ways to achieve our desires to see our names in print. Here’s how to get published:

1 Choose the Right Publisher

Key to knowing how to get published is approaching the right people. It doesn’t matter how good your fantasy novel is if you’re sending your book to a non-fiction publisher. Do your research by using the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook. It has a list of publishers in each section. Write down a list of potential publishers you’ll approach.

2 Obey the Rules

On the site of the publisher, you’ll encounter a set of rules on what you should send to them and the format you should send it in. Obey these rules. If they say you need a cover letter, send them a cover letter. It makes no sense to disobey these rules. If you can’t do as they ask, they’ll throw out your work and you’ll never get a book published.


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3 Safety in Numbers

There’s always more success if you send more applications. Most guides on book publishing tips will advise against this, but we recommend it because many publishers like accept simultaneous submissions. A publisher that accepts simultaneous submissions will allow you to submit your work to other publishers for consideration at the same time. If one publisher does accept your work, remember to tell any publishers who’re still considering your work that it has already been accepted elsewhere. Manners cost nothing and you might come to them with another book in the future.

4 Edit It

Before you send your work, make sure you’ve edited it. If you aren’t sure about your editing skills, call in the help of a professional. You can find lots of freelance editors online. They’ll all charge different rates, so weigh up the pros and cons of each editor before putting your money down on the table. Work that needs little editing is an advantage when it comes to how to get published.

5 Publishing and Your Deal

Publishing it yourself is the act of getting your work into book form and putting your literary piece out into the public arena. One of the best book publishing tips you’ll ever receive is don’t place publishing itself on a pedestal. Consider the deal you get. Anyone can set up a publishing company. Check out the publisher and make sure they can enhance your career. This doesn’t mean you should see financial gain as your main reward. It means look at how signing up with a certain publisher will help you out as a writer.

6 Agent Not Needed

Only the bigger publishers will require you to submit your work through an agent. Most small publishing houses will accept unsolicited manuscripts. Don’t waste your time looking for an agent if you want to get a book published with a smaller publishing house. It’s like going through the publishing process twice and can be more hassle than it’s worth. Remember, any agent will take a cut out of your earnings. This can either be a blessing or a hindrance, depending on the success of your agent.

7 Make It Successful

You might think a guide on how to get published would stop at the actual publishing part. It doesn’t. To define a successful publishing stint you have to sell your book. Your job doesn’t stop with the acceptance letter. Most publishers don’t have huge marketing budgets that let you sit back and relax. Make contact with your friends and acquaintances and grab as much publicity for yourself as possible. The internet and social media is the key to getting your name out into the open and selling as many copies as possible. You might not get on the bestseller lists, but you’ll be able to make a living for yourself!

If you’re an aspiring writer and your dream is seeing your name on a book cover, I hope these hints on how to get published will help you achieve that ambition. Have you got a book in your head?

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