Here's Where You Can Go when Tired of the Internet ...


The internet has become our go-to place for just about anything but is it really the best place for information? When you are researching something, doing school/college work or swatting up on a subject for any reason, is the internet the best resource? I happen to think not. I believe that other than for speed and convenience, the library is a much better option. Shaking your head in disagreement? Want to know where Iā€™m coming from?

1. Not Everything is on the Internet

Yes, there are billions of web pages on the internet, but it still cannot beat a library because a substantial amount of material on the internet is either missing or is expensive to access. No more than 8% of all journals are available online, but you will get a lot more in libraries, especially ones that have deals with sister libraries in other states and even countries. For quality and in-depth research, the library beats the internet.

You Get a Lot of Useless Info on the Internet
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