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Foundational female writers never get the credit and recognition they deserve. If you ever took English during your time in education, you will be well aware of the fact that, on the whole, the large majority of the novels and poems that students are required to cover in their classes have been, up to this point, written and composed by men. I’m not saying that William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens shouldn’t get their props, but when there is so much more to be learned in the world of literature, should today’s students really still be made to go back to the same old names again and again? When it comes to female writers, it is integral that seek out inspiration and learn about those that came before us. Here are some foundational female writers that every woman should know!

1. Charl Otte Perkins Gilman (1860 – 1935)

Charlotte was a poet and novelist who was bad ass enough to divorce her husband in the 1800s and give custody of her daughter to him so that she could pursue her writing and activism dream. She wrote seminal texts like Women and Economics and novels like Herland, a story about a matriarchal society. Her most famous work is probably The Yellow Wallpaper, a story about a woman who suffers a massive mental breakdown at the hands of her husband’s oppression.

Kate Chopin (1850 – 1935)
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