8 Fictional Men We Want to Marry ...


There are so many fictional men we want to marry out there that Iโ€™m really starting to think weโ€™re doomed to disappointment in reality. I don't know about you, but attractive men have been rather thin on the ground for me recently. We all know that it takes a lot of effort and a lot of tears to find that one man that you know is 'the one.' However, I know a place where you can find the men of your wildest dreams - and it's between the pages of your favourite books. Okay, so a book isn't going to literally keep you warm at night, but a beautiful book can warm your soul - especially when it contains a dashing hero, full to the brim with honour and chivalry, complete with the kind of richly imagined beard that only comes from nineteenth century literature. So, here are the fictional men we want to marry, beards and all.

1. Mr Darcy

Out of all the fictional men we want to marry, Mr Darcy is the original and the best. Heโ€™s been kicking around since the 1800s, but age has only served to increase his appeal. We don't know whether itโ€™s the self-assuredness, the slight arrogance or the ardent love he professes for Elizabeth and his strong sense of moral duty, but Mr Darcy possesses a kind of enduring magic that's made him most women's perfect man. Plus, there was that scene where Colin Firth came out of the lake in a dripping wet white shirt.

Mr Rochester
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