7 Fatal Flaws of J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood Series ...


The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series is, by far, the most extensive piece of paranormal romance slash urban fantasy literature I’ve read so far and, as such, has my undying love! I also find it incredibly annoying which, in turn, makes me love it even more, if you can believe it! Because, come on, if a piece of literature can make you want to roll your eyes and flip the page all at the same time, it’s got to be worth something! The author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, J.R. Ward, definitely knows how to keep her readers entertained, but entertainment, as you know, doesn’t come without a cost. And in order to enjoy these books, you will need to learn to deal with these obvious flaws.

1. The “H”

The good news is that J.R. Ward is trying to match famous fiction writers language for language, the bad news is that she fails horribly! I mean, come on… aHvenge, seHclusion, coHntest? Seriously? Err, seHriously? Adding a letter to a word that already exists doesn’t make it new, just grammatically incorrect. And we need a glossary of these new/old terms in every book…why? I would have enjoyed the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series infinitely more had I been able to talk my eyeballs out of rolling in their cavities every time an unneeded H appears!

Ridiculous Names
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