5 Disturbing 😳 Realities of Our Favorite πŸ€— Fairy Tales πŸ›ŒπŸ“˜ ...


When you think about it, there are some disturbing issues in our favorite fairy tales. We all had fairly tales that we were so fond of. These were the kinds of stories that were so ingrained and even universal that we have grown up reading and learning their core values and morals. What we had no clue of, however, is the true meaning behind those marvelous fairy tales. Little did we know that those magical and inspiring stories were not the kind of morals and values that we should cherish. For me, not until I came to understand the concept of feminism that I started to view such stories from a very new perspective. Nonetheless, the true meaning behind those fairy tales didn’t make me happy, but rather terrified and deeply disturbed. So here’s what I have found out about the disturbing issues in our favorite fairy tales.

1. Investment of Beauty is Dominant

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What do Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty have in common? Typically, they indicate that feminine beauty is a dominant subject. They have shiny and sparkling hair, they are young, white and have the perfect body image. When the name of these beautiful characters suggest their identities as in being named Snow White and not something as a dark night, you can see some of the disturbing issues in our favorite fairy tales.

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