7 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month ...

If you live in the United States then you may already know that April is National Poetry Month. If not, well, now you are in the know and you are welcome to celebrate along if you choose. *smile* To say that there is an abundance of wonderful works of poetry available for your consumption is a gross understatement. If you are interested in celebrating National Poetry Month then check out our list of suggestions.

1. Write a Poem

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One of the best way to celebrate National Poetry Month is to join in with the creativity. Grab a pen and paper, laptop, some inspiration and start small. Think deeply, enjoy the poem writing process, and get creative, but be sure to keep it classy. It may take a little work to get your creative juices flowing, but you will get there. I am no poet but I do know a few clever limericks. Does that count?

2. Decorate with Poetry

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A friend of mine has a magnificent set of bar stools that I adore. They were plain old wooden bar stools when she bought them. That is, until she got them home and painted them a lovely lilac color. Then she did something totally unexpected: Using a different but complementary color and nice curling letters, she painted several lines of her favorite poem all over each bar stool. The result is a pretty statement piece for her junior one bedroom apartment.

3. Decorate Bigger

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If you like the idea of decorating with poetry but want to make a bigger statement, try decorating a wall! I know I will. Now that I am a grownup with my own walls, the possibilities are endless! If you do not own the property you occupy be sure to get permission before you paint the walls.

4. Take a Listen

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There are some amazing poems that we should all read at least once. Luckily for us, many of these same poems are available in audio format. Gil Scott-Heron's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" immediately comes to mind. Check them out and add them to your mobile listening device if you like. You can then listen to a poem whenever the mood strikes.

5. Slamming Poetry

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Have you ever been to a poetry slam? My gosh, if you have not then you should definitely check one out when you have the time. Poetry slams are pretty cool and entertaining ways to hear poetry in a way you may never hear again. If you cannot get out to attend a poetry slam in person there are a number of movies that can give you a preview of what they are like. Movies like SLAM and Louder Than a Bomb give the viewer a sneak peek at the world of spoken word and the spoken word artist.

6. Pocket a Poem

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Find a poem you love, copy it, and carry it with you everyday. Pull out your poem and read it when you need a quick pick-me-up. Put a poem in your pocket this April in celebration of National Poetry Month.

7. Book Poetry

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This method, sometimes referred to as "spine poetry," is a National Book Month Celebration favorite! And it is pretty new to me. Create an interesting and original line of poetry using only the titles of books in your personal library. This little project is a great way to creatively celebrate poetry using things found in your home. Take a look around your book collection, arrange the spines as needed and take a photograph. Voila, your very own spine poetry.

National Poetry Month is a fantastic opportunity to share your love of poetry with your family and friends. However you choose to create National Poetry Month, be sure to share with us. Do you have a favorite poem?

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