7 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month ...


If you live in the United States then you may already know that April is National Poetry Month. If not, well, now you are in the know and you are welcome to celebrate along if you choose. *smile* To say that there is an abundance of wonderful works of poetry available for your consumption is a gross understatement. If you are interested in celebrating National Poetry Month then check out our list of suggestions.

1. Write a Poem

One of the best way to celebrate National Poetry Month is to join in with the creativity. Grab a pen and paper, laptop, some inspiration and start small. Think deeply, enjoy the poem writing process, and get creative, but be sure to keep it classy. It may take a little work to get your creative juices flowing, but you will get there. I am no poet but I do know a few clever limericks. Does that count?

Decorate with Poetry
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