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Considered the ultimate prize in journalism, the Pulitzer Prize is also much lauded by writers of all genres and types. The Arts and Letters category is always a source of some of the most amazing contemporary literature and eager readers avidly await the announcement of the winners every year. Well dear readers, here they are: the Pulitzer Prize Winners of 2017.

1. Fiction: Colson Whitebread for the Underground Railroad

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Inspired by the likes of Toni Morrison and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Whitbread’s chilling and and time hallucinatory novel is a reimagining of American slavery that made a huge impact in literary circles, having already won the National Book Award. The 47 year old author aims to write about fantastical things with a straight face, and the subject matter of this novel mixed with his unique style make for an unforgettable read.

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Drama: Lynn Nottage for Sweat
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