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7 Benefits of Going to Your Local LibraRy ...

By Adriana

One of my favorite things to do as a child was go to the library, and there are so many benefits of going to your local library that I'd like to share with you. If you feel like it's a waste of time having to sift through books, or look through catalogs for books, please don't let that keep you away. There are so many beneficial and enjoyable things to do at your library that most people don't take advantage of. The library isn't outdated like some people believe, and the benefits of going to your local library almost increase every year. Be inspired by some of my top reasons, and then visit the library in your town or city as soon as you get a chance!

1 Connecting with Your Children

One of my favorite things to do with my mom as a child was go to the library and if you're a mom, one of the top benefits of going to your local library is connecting with your children. It's important to teach children the benefit of reading, and research has shown it can even help make them smarter and perform better in school. That aside, however, bonding is a top benefit of taking your children to the library. Not only can you read together, but look for books that your children enjoy, and you can even teach them the alphabet, or teach them to read through tools at your local library. I promise, they'll always remember these fond memories that the shared with you at the library, and it's most definitely not a waste of your time when your children are considered.

2 Taking Classes and Socializing

The library is a fantastic place for adults to learn new things, or enhance skills they already have. For instance, many classes are offered at the local library, along with seminars and book clubs. This can be a great time for socializing, learning new things, and you never know- you might just find your next dream career this way. Some of my favorite classes for adults include cooking, finance, home decor, entrepreneur classes and computer classes. This can be a great resource for someone in college, or an adult looking for a new skill or job. Book clubs are also one of the most popular social activities for adults to exchange ideas and thoughts, and it's a great way to meet new people if you've never tried it.

3 Alone Time

I'm a total introvert and the library has always offered me a sense of peace. I don't like a lot of noise, and books have always been a way for me to quiet my mind. Luckily, the library is the place for you if you're the same. I could get lost in the library and book stores for this very reason. They're calm and allow your mind to engage in so many ideas. It's also a great time to get some alone time, since even if others are there, you'll feel like they're not. Remember, the libary's number one rule is quietness, and that's the biggest beauty of it all. Plus, it makes a great place to study as a student too, which is fantastic for those nights you can't seem to concentrate in your dorm room,

4 You Library Can save You Money

Let's get down to the nitty gritty about what's really fabulous about the library. It's free! Sure, there might be some fees you'll come across in the library like new DVD rentals, or possibly a class or two. And, don't forget late fees! If you're late returning books, you might incur fees that way too. Yet, most of the time, every book you choose and other resources you use at the library will be free of charge. I'm much more likely to go to the library to check out a new book, or get put on a waiting list to check it out if it's a new release than I am paying $20 for that book at the store and never reading it again. Plus, you can always check it out again later if you want, and it's free of charge all over again!

5 Rent a/v Equipment

Did you know you can rent audio equipment at your local library too? Depending on your budget, there are different brands that each branch has available. You can usually find cassette players, CD players and even some Blu-Ray players at your local library. This is great if you're a student on a budget that doesn't want to invest in a permanent piece of equipment, or if you only need it a few times. Most of the time, you might not be able to take it home for an extended period of time without paying a fee, but you can always use it at the library for free. And, most all libraries stay open late for students and working adults. This means you can use it at almost any time of the day or evening if you need to.

6 Fill up on EBooks

For all you eReader fanatics out there, you're missing out if you're not going to your local library! One of the biggest benefits of going to your local library are the check-out selections of Kindle books or eReader books. has partnered with many libraries across the country to provide these books to the public. I think this is one of the most innovative free tools we've seen yet. Kindle books fo free? Yes please! Just be sure you check them back in when it's time so you don't pay a late fee.

7 Print off Legal Forms

Let's say you're going through a legal process, or just need to get something notarized and don't know a notary, nor want to pay for one. Simply go to your local library! I won a contest last year for a cash prize and had to have a form notorized, but didn't want to pay for the service. So, I just went down to my local libary. There is always a notary on staff during most business hours of the day. The best way to check is to call ahead of time to make sure. It's a free service the libary uses for the public's convenience and can really come in handy in a bind. Be sure you bring all your paperwork, and your driver's license or ID, since you'll need it for identification verification.

I hope you see now that there are many benefits of going to your local library, more than for simple leisure. Do you visit your local library?

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