7 Reasons Why Reading is Good for You ...


I once read that a book has the power to change lives and completely agree: there are many reasons why reading is good for you!

Though if you’re all grown, out of school and sick of textbooks, it’s hard to get back into it.

It took me a few years after college to really get back into reading regularly.

So start now!

Read up on the reasons why reading is good for you, and see why you should read more!2

1. Broaden Your Vocab

Broaden Your Vocab

One of the most common known reasons why reading is good for you is that it will help broaden your vocabulary.

This is completely true!

You’ll learn words in ways you couldn’t sifting through a dictionary.


Because you learn the words in context, and you’ll just begin to pick up on them.

As you read more, you’ll notice you start to use more complex words right into your everyday language.

You astute fox, you!

2. See Different Perspectives

See Different Perspectives

Reading, especially reading fiction, helps you to see different perspectives that are present in life.

As you read a novel and connect with the characters, you’re able to watch their habits, actions and thoughts unfold.

Reading always makes me take a look at my own life or choices in ways that movies cannot.

It’s that fly on the wall feeling about learning from your surroundings...

and it’s insightful!

3. Learn about Yourself

Learn about Yourself

As you read and watch characters grow and change in the pages in front of you, you actually have many opportunities to learn about yourself.

Reading what an author writes about their character’s feelings when they fought with their friend or mishaps in relationships help you gauge your emotions and the spectrum on which they lie.

You often put yourself in the shoes of the character you most connect with, and this connection in turn helps you reflect on your own actions.

See if you don't see things a bit more clearly when reading a good book with rich characters.

Understand Progression and Change
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