17 Onomatopoeia Words to Use in Your Fiction ...


It can be hard to describe certain sounds when you're writing.

After all, in order to make your story as realistic as possible, you need to use the right wording.

Of course, there are so many choices out there that you'll be able to find one that fits the situation.

The next time you're in need of a word to describe a particular sound, try using one of these:

1. Glug


This is "the sound of liquid pouring from a bottle." It's the sound you'd hear when someone is drinking a lot at once, or when someone is pouring a liquid into a cup.

2. Thump


This is "to hit or beat something and make a loud, deep sound." You could also hear something thump against the ground.

3. Clang


This is "to make the loud, ringing sound of metal hitting against something." It's what you'd hear when you hit a plate.

4. Screech


This is "a loud, harsh, piercing cry." It's a noise that you'd typically hear an owl make.2

5. Cackle


This is "to make loud, unpleasant sounds." You've probably heard a witch's laugh described as a cackle, because it's meant to sound terrifying.2

6. Guffaw


This is "a loud or boisterous burst of laughter." Most writers use the word to describe a slob's laughter.

7. Croak


This is "to make the deep, harsh sound that a frog makes." Of course, humans can make a similar sound as well.

8. Gurgle


This is "to flow in a broken irregular current with a bubbling sound." You've probably heard a baby's voice described as gurgling.

9. Rattle


This is "to make or emit a quick succession of short percussive sounds." How do you think that a rattle snack got its name?

10. Jingle


This is "to make a light ringing sound." You've probably heard the change or keys in your pocket jingle before.

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