7 Nursery Rhyme Origins You Won't Expect ...


Chances are, you donโ€™t think about nursery rhyme origins when you recite them. Once you know the origins, however, youโ€™ll never be able to think about your favourite nursery rhyme the same way again! Most of these simple rhymes come from over a hundred years ago and therefore talk about issues that we rarely experience anymore, but that just makes these nursery rhyme origins all the more intriguing!

1. Goosey Goosey Gander

The origin of this nursery rhyme comes from back long ago, when Catholic priests were punished for reciting their Latin prayers. They were not even allowed to perform their prayers in their own homes, and if they were caught they were dealt with very swiftly! Hence why the โ€˜old manโ€™ that the narrator comes across is taken by the left leg and thrown down the stairs! But the strange nursery rhyme origins donโ€™t end thereโ€ฆ

Mary Mary Quite Contrary
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