How to Ace a Library Study Binge 📚for Students Who Want Top Grades🎓🅰️ ...


It’s a rare student that can get through a semester without responding to the call for a library study binge.

Whether it’s sweating for mid-terms or trying to juggle a massive workload, you can very well find yourself in the library for 12+ hours at a time.

Know the pain of having to call the library your second home?

Make it easier on yourself girl.

Here’s how:

1. Bring the Right Amount of Anxiety, Not Too Much!🙁

You need to enter the library with a clear understanding that this is the final countdown for your exam or essay deadline, but equally you don’t want to leave it so late that instead of working hard you just proceed to log in to Facebook and write about how stressed you are and how you never going to be finished in time.

It’s a fine balance!

Write a Clear to-do List📑
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