7 Creative Ways to Improve Your Fiction Writing ...


Whether you’re a novice storyteller or a longtime wordsmith looking to develop her craft, there are always ways to improve your fiction writing.2

Maybe you won’t make millions in bestsellers, or maybe you’ll be the next Agatha Christie.

But without practice, constructive criticism and dedication to developing your skill, you’ll be stuck in writer’s limbo.

Use these ways to improve your fiction writing, then get to work.

1. Pens and Paper: Don’t Get Caught without Them

Pens and Paper: Don’t Get Caught without Them

You never know when an idea will come.

At the office, on the train or in your doctor’s waiting room--wherever you are, have paper and writing utensils at your disposal.

If you find that you’re suffering through a creative drought and in desperate need of ways to improve your fiction writing, having the literal tools to do so is absolutely essential.

Keep a small notebook and pen with you at all times.

2. Look, Listen and Observe

Look, Listen and Observe

One of the most difficult things to master in fiction writing is effective dialogue.

Dialogue between characters serves to move the storyline along, to expose the motivation of the speakers, to inform and at times even entertain.

Listening to how people talk, what words they choose, what dialect or accent they have, what makes them sputter, or stutter, or smile can make for a realness in dialogue.

3. Practice Free Writing

Practice Free Writing

The act of free writing pays no mind to sentence structure, proper punctuation or grammar.

Free writing, plain and simple, is putting pen to paper nonstop for a set amount of time.

Don’t consider topics, characters, plot or anything structurally relevant to a specific story or idea.

Just pick up the pen and see what happens.

Maybe you’ll have something usable for a future project or maybe you’ll have a bunch of nonsense, but this is one of the most recommended treatments for that maligned ailment known as writer’s block.

Give it a try!

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