7 Wonderous Stories from 1001 Nights ...


The stories from 1001 nights are all enchanting and full of magic, which makes them very entertaining. In 1001 nights, a beautiful woman, Scheherazade tells stories each night to her husband in an effort to save her life. Scheherazade was married to the Sultan who, in retaliation for his first wife’s disloyalty, would marry a new woman every night and kill her the next morning. When Scheherazade became the Sultan’s wife, she was determined to stop his practice of killing. In order to achieve this, she told him stories every night, but would always leave the last story with a cliffhanger to keep the Sultan from killing her. She did this for 1001 nights, which is where the stories from 1001 nights come from.

1. The Merchant and the Genie

The Merchant and the Genie is one of the many stories from 1001 Nights that Scheherazade told to the Sultan in an effort to save her life. In this story, a very successful merchant accidentally kills the son of an evil genie. In retaliation for his son’s death, the genie comes at the merchant with a sabre to take his life. Pleading for his life, the merchant requests to have a year to get his affairs in order before the genie kills him. The genie grants this request, and at the end of the year the merchant returns to the genie to be killed. However, an old man intervenes by persuading the genie to listen to a story. If the genie likes the story he cannot kill the merchant. At this critical point Scheherazade ends the story. To find out the merchant’s fate, the sultan had to keep Scheherazade alive another day and night.

The Story of the First Old Man and of the Hind
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