Who Won Pulitzer Prizes in 2016?πŸ† ...


Awarded annually by Columbia University, the Pulitzer Prize is the USA’s premier award for writing. The prizes cover a wide range of genres of the written word from journalism to fiction (plus some musical achievement awards). They are highly coveted and very notable names have been winners in the past. Who were among the winners this year?

1. Fiction: Viet Thanh Nguyen for the Sympathizer

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The winner of the fiction prize is a part espionage, part satirical thriller that tells the story of a Communist sympathizer in 1975 who escapes Saigon for Los Angeles and begins spying on a South Vietnamese group that he infiltrates. Author Nguyen’s debut novel was a smash critical hit, and his intention was to explore the Vietnam conflict in a more complex way than so many others do.

Drama: Lin-Manual Miranda for Hamilton
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