5 Fantastic πŸ€— Ways Keep Your Mind πŸ’­ Focused πŸ‘€ on Your Writing ✍️ ...


Looking for some ways to keep your mind focused on your writing? It happens to every writer. You zero in on your manuscript, considering your next words, only to find your mind straying in every possible direction a mere five minutes later. Whether it is a fictional novel, a biography, or a short informative article, one thing is certain: our creation is our baby. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean life stops simply so we can carry on writing. Whether prompted by stress, weariness, or a small dose of frustration, those five minutes are all it takes to disrupt an entire plot. Here are a few ways to keep your mind focused on your writing.

1. Block out All Noise

Noise, whether blaring or quiet is one of a writer’s greatest foes. Prevent this problem before it arises. Turn off the television, close out the social media apps, set your phone to mute. If worse comes to worse, find a comfortable place to tuck yourself away from the world for a while. For some people, this means a bedroom, for others a spare room or study. Judging from personal experience, this can be a writer’s greatest ally and one of the best ways to keep your mind focused on your writing.

Move Locations
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